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AncientStorm's Suggestions

Post by ancientstorm » Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:51 pm

AncientStorm's Suggestions.
I'm a new player named AncientStorm this is what i think that will get more players into this game and let the current players have even more fun.

High priority:

- Graphics : This game needs a really good update if u talk about the graphics. When i first looked at the game it didnt look fun at all since i'm used to the graphics of newer games. Maybe ship variations that can be unlocked by leveling? Different walls. Maybe get the game out of space and on an soccer of basketball field? Looks way more fun imo. It looks to dark and it needs more colors.

- Reward system: My idea would be after you finished a game you get a chance to unlock rare cosmetics/ships/celebrations.

-Tutorial system: This game needs a good tutorial because it's really hard for new players if they won't get help from a veteran in the beginning to play this game. There should be an interactive tutorial that starts with the real basics. How to properly boost, brake and shoot. Then a more advanced tutorial that explains how to bounce use the recoil to build up momentum etc.

Medium priority:

- Level system: I got this idea before it got released. I think the level system should prevent new players from joining higher level lobbies. Also the other way around so higher levels are not able the lower games when the host chooses to.

Low priority:

- Launcher Layout: It's to grey and dark it should be more colorful.

- Achievements: I think it was a better idea to get titles from achievements u get in-game instead of leveling up. Example: "I know how to bounce.... Kind of" unlocks when you bounced 500 times. "Bounce Addict" unlocks when you bounced 2500 times.

- Password/Bench/Observer: I dislike the fact that i need a password to observe a game that has a password on it. Observer wont be allowed to play with players that are currently playing. I got the idea to make the observer a toggle in settings screen when you create the lobby. Make a new thing called bench those players are able to switch with the players that are currently playing. Only use the password for the players that are going to play teams/bench.

- Tournaments: i Don't know if tournaments were hosted before but tournaments are a great way to let even new players stay in a game because they want to get good in order to win this tournament. Maybe host multiple tournaments for different levels of players. You're only able to join a tournament when you're in or with a squad depends if it's a 1v1 or bigger tournament.

- Squads: At the moment barely doing anything. I don't know why it's possible to join every squad that here i think there should be a cap of 3 squads. Maximum players each squad should be around 8. Minimum Squad members required to be an official Squad 4.

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Re: AncientStorm's Suggestions

Post by NickW » Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:54 pm

100% on board on all of these, however they're all a ton of work that I don't have much time for anymore since UB has launched.

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