Discussion on Server Selection

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Discussion on Server Selection

Post by Line » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:36 pm

Disclaimer: This is a discussion -- please be thoughtful in your replies and add something to the debate. Ultimately, this discussion will help to decide the future ladder format and everyone's input is valid so don't attack or put down other people for their opinions.

Server Selection for ranked games has been a very heated topic in its development. Ideally, we would have separate ladders for at the very least European and US servers. This functionality is actually built into the ladder already, but our playerbase is too small in my opinion to make this even remotely viable. I've gone through a bunch of ideas and this is what is currently in use:
  • Players who want to change their preferred server to something other than East can use the !home servername command.
  • This change has to be approved by a ladder admin. To be honest, this is the only way I can think of to ensure people do not "game" this system by changing their home server all the time. I would love another option -- know that my bot does not have access to your location data like the lobby.
The bot decides the server after a match has been made -- each persons home server is tallied up, and the one with the most is used. In the event of a tie, I've put into place some "guidelines" for the bot to use:
  • A tie between East and UK will result in a random chance between East and UK.
  • A tie between West and UK will result in a game on East.
  • A tie between East and West will result in a random chance between East and West.
...and then a bunch of asia server rules, but atm I'm not super worried about these so I'll leave them out of the discussion. Its pretty moot anyway, I haven't seen anyone use the KR server in many weeks now. The rules are similar, and no one from east or UK will play on KR.

Keep in mind, splitting the queues by server means you will need 6 from your home server to start. With a large playerbase, this is obviously the ideal way to go. At current levels, it'll mean no one plays unless you are on east or uk at peak time.

Your thoughts? Please put some reasons to go with your response, or agree with someone else's reasons at least so we can try to come to a consensus and make the league something everyone enjoys.

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Re: Discussion on Server Selection

Post by punkkid » Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:21 pm

Would it be possible to take player's scores into consideration, at least in the event of a tie?

For example:

Player Score
East1 1000
East2 990
East3 1010

UK1 1050
UK2 1040
UK3 1060

Because the UK players in this situation are, on average, 50 points better than the East players, the game is more likely to be played on the East server to provide a handicap. The bot's decision should not be made solely based on these scores because if the average difference is only like 5 or 10 points, it's really not much of a difference at all. However, the larger the gap becomes, the better the argument for a handicap.

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