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UB Patch Notes 2/13/2017

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:10 am
by NickW
- Added zoom in/out (F7/F8)
- Added code to smooth out frame rate
- Added score to the game preview
- Added the player count to the current channel in chat (Thanks Frog!)
- Added option to disable saving replays
- Added the ability to switch between team chat and normal chat with the ' button
- Made team chat the default while in observer mode
- Changed in-game icon (Thanks jamez!)
- Changed some client side movement code to be more like old ub
- Resized all graphics to better support older graphics cards
- Fixed a bug that caused certain players to see a black screen in the lobby
- Fixed link based script injection
- Fixed boot button in F2 menu
- Fixed team switch not working after /random
- Fixed popup loop on using space in controls
- Fixed joining one game while in another
- Fixed lobby game name overflow (Thanks Line!)
- Fixed graphical issue with the ship images (Thanks Q8ball!)
- Fixed observers disappearing off the player list