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Post by shadow » Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:44 pm



I challenge EACH of you to come up with something, anything, that will benefit our game as an entire community.
Let's be honest, other than NickW and the occasional Line... what do you guys do?
The beauty of this challenge is that you all of you can come up with your own individual ideas! How cool, am I right?

Some GOOD examples:
  • Create community game events.
  • Engage new players that come online.
  • Encourage others to be active within the community.
  • Collaberate with NickW on ways to help him improve. He is just ONE man.
Some BAD examples:
  • Doing nothing
  • Creating password games and excluding members of our community from playing.
  • Encouraging others to play other games.(I've seen this first hand from a particular admin.)
  • Staying silent, watching our game wither away.

This does not have to be targeted ONLY at admins. YOU! The members of this community can also become engaged in your own ways! Let's help out our admins come up with stuff!
Our game is dying out and the lack of anybody doing anything is a slap in the face to our great game.
So why sit around and do nothing, when you could quite the contrary come up with ways to benefit the community?

You can choose to ignore this challenge, which I expect most of you to do. OR we can at least attempt to MAKE UNIBALL GREAT AGAIN!

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Post by frosty » Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:21 pm

Shadow is right.
By eliminating players from games, insulting them, and excluding them, or participating in games which are password protected when the rest of the people signed on want to play as well, you are showing how NOT to come together as a community and enjoy this game and the time we spend together playing, and that still enjoying uniball has no enjoyment other than your simple ability to win or lose. You were granted the permission to play for free by someone who created a FREE game for you, out of dedication to creating something totally random yet repetitive and fun, and it shows what it means truly to be a lowlife by trying to deny that to someone else by playing games which specifically have defined roster choice or outcome purposes other than to come together for competition, honesty, respect, and fun. I mean it wouldnt be out of the ordinary to have 50% anyone plays games, 50% password hocks, but since the leagues for the game died because people couldn't stand losing becuase it became the whole experience for them... Over the last 2-3 years, lots of you have been childish and insulting to anyone who can bear to listen before and after games. I can understand this and accept it as fine, partly, people can be who they want to be online. But to lots of you, it sucks to see you this sad when you lose because nothing else matters, and i'm sorry that you had to quit uniball/make uniball selective/act pseudocompetitive for no reason other than to damage others egos who may not even care.. I can specifically recall countless nights of Karma, Bryant, over the past 2 years, complaining after losses, trying to tell me i lost the games for them. A few of them, I didn't, a few I did because i started to relax when we were winning, and a few of them were actually their faults for playing so unassuming as part of a 3 man team. Though some of the time they said the right thing, 80% of the time they just complained and blamed their team(me) or SPEED QUIT after the first game is over. Even recently, I know i've lost some games for my team, and it sucked, and I was the one to say it. Just because less are playing now, you are making it strictly a competitive experience for yourself out of selfishness, and there is no such thing as a a game that can exist without the ability for anything to happen and for all players to dynamically participate and agree on certain things like the level of seriousness of a game. By setting 6 people up outside of the game to join, you're killing the player pool, and by not communicating with it, you're showing disrespect to the idea of the game, the possibility of more games, and the multi-million dollar corporation that is Uniball (Thank you Fero). It's truly disgusting that you feel the need to REMAKE a game that is already running. We understand that people should take turns, whether you agree with that or not, but you have no more right to play than anyone else based on your skill level, and no special privelege to make others suffer, and the ADMINS SHOULD COME TOGETHER AND PROPOSE A SOLUTION. I'm blaming ALL of your characters, for the devastation that uniball has become. Sergio, can you understand that? (Sergio, no offense, this last line is really a set closer, like you are ;])

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Post by shadow » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:43 pm

Direct steam private message from Admin Adroit.
9:39 PM - Adroit: sorry but my job isn't to *not* evangelize for other games
9:39 PM - Macro: k
9:40 PM - Adroit: there are a lot of good games out there and my friendships are more important to me than UB
9:40 PM - Adroit: however i never try to get people to not play UB, and in these other games i'm constantly recruiting for UB\
9:40 PM - Adroit: so if i'm the admin in question, at least i've said my piece
9:40 PM - Macro: have no idea your an admin
9:40 PM - Adroit: oh lol
9:40 PM - Macro: do you even log in to uniball anymore?
This guy isnt even online enough for me to know he is an admin... That's how little his participation is in our game.. As I type this I see the guy is actively playing Rocket League. Yet he is not in the UniBall community, nor really is he ever. Maybe if Admin Bryant were to create a password hockey match would he show up.
So AGAIN, I challenge you(all admins) to do something constructive that would benefit your game community as a whole.

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Post by shadow » Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:05 am

Admins, why ignore this?

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Post by shadow » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:36 am

2 weeks and still not a single reply from an Admin.

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Post by =show= » Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:48 pm

dude, the game is fucking dead...

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