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Max Score Discussion

Post by Line » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:21 pm

Disclaimer: This is a discussion -- please be thoughtful in your replies and add something to the debate. Ultimately, this discussion will help to decide the future ladder format and everyone's input is valid so don't attack or put down other people for their opinions.

For beta testing, I have had the score limit for both Ranked Solo and 3v3 Open play set at 5. Since I'm getting closer to actually launching the very first season of the ladder on Uniball Steam It is now time to decide on what the score limits should be. They do not have to be the same in each game format, so keep this in mind when you provide your opinion. I think there are good reasons for both keeping the limit low and for raising it up to the standard 10 goals and would like feedback on what people actually want.

Pros of a lower goal limit: (in my opinion)
  • Quicker Games: In hock league, games were averaging about 20 minutes or so from draft completion to game report. Shorter games means less of a time investment. I could conceivably login for 15 minutes and get a game in now if I didn't have 20-30 minutes to play.
  • More Games: The way matches are made by the bot requires people to play games to establish their skill vs the overall player pool. People with a low number of games have a high uncertainty of their skill. The more certain the bot becomes of each players skill level, the more fair the games will be when the bot makes a match. A lower score limit will lead to more games, meaning the bot can make better games after the first few weeks of a ladder season.
  • Unfair Matches: Its going to happen, especially at the start of the season or when a high number of players involved have few games (high uncertainty of skill level). This is unavoidable and happens in every game when there is a "reset". Lower score limits will make this transition from high uncertainty faster, and people won't have to spend as much time in completely unfair matches.
  • Each Point Matters: This is just something a few people mentioned, and I guess it can be a Con too but I thought of it as a Pro. With a low goal limit, you have to play 100% from start to end. No more going in relaxed and only starting to play at 5-0.
Cons of a lower goal limit: (in my opinion)
  • No Comebacks: Pretty much all the cons center around the low goal format being unforgiving. A low goal format doesn't allow for mistakes to be made. A few breakaway goals means a loss pretty much every time unless your team adjusts accordingly.
  • Not Enough time to Judge Skill: The randomness of matched teams means it might take a few minutes for a team to act like a team. Low goal format doesn't let a team find its "groove".
  • We aren't used to it: As a community thats been around forever, this is a huge change. Its contrary to every league, ladder, or pickup game format we have been accustomed to. Change sucks, and there was significant pushback on this issue even during Beta. Making this change could lower veteran involvement.
Your thoughts? Please put some reasons to go with your response, or agree with someone else's reasons at least so we can try to come to a consensus and make the league something everyone enjoys.

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Re: Max Score Discussion

Post by Force » Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:11 pm

5 goals is great. I didn't think id like it at first but it keeps people waiting for the next draft. It makes watching games easier as well.

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