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Map Selection Discussion

Post by Line » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:50 pm

Disclaimer: This is a discussion -- please be thoughtful in your replies and add something to the debate. Ultimately, this discussion will help to decide the future ladder format and everyone's input is valid so don't attack or put down other people for their opinions.

Unlike the other discussion threads I've posted today, I'm not going to write a block of text for this one. Right now the currently used maps for each game type are:
  • Ranked Solo: Miniball and Shades
  • 3v3 Open: Hockey
I will not add Dodgeball maps to either game type, its the only thing I absolutely can't do. There isn't a way to judge a players skill in the two different game modes equally. The skills are different, and rating a win in dodgeball mode the same as a win in hockey mode is unfair (not hockey map, just the game mode). A dodgeball bot can be made by someone else if the demand is there for that type of competitive play.

Any other 2 team map is open for discussion. Max players in solo will be two obviously and in 3v3 Open it is 6. Keep this in mind when making suggestions. Six people in miniball feels super crowded to me if they are all Veterans -- but maybe that's just me. Two people in hockey is way too open to make the game exciting in my opinion.

Maps can be added/removed at any time, though to make it fair we should probably only do it at the start of a season (in my opinion again).

Your thoughts? Please put some reasons to go with your response, or agree with someone else's reasons at least so we can try to come to a consensus and make the league something everyone enjoys.

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